How to Quick Weave With Gel

Who said that the extensions of the fabulous hair (hair weaves) must require hours in the salon and tons of money? Learn how to do it yourself with gel and it looks like you just got out of the room.

Things that you need

  • Hair weave in strips
  • Gluing gluing hair
  • Pro Style gel.
  • Spritz hairspray, /
  • Hair dryer
  • Buffer of wig (optional)
  • Scissors
  • Comb.
  • As the quick weave with hair gel

Apply a generous amount of Pro Style gel evenly throughout the hair recently washed and conditioned. If you want to leave your hair showing in front, let a small amount (approximately 1 inch thick) before shaping the rest of your hair with gel.

Use the comb to hair so smooth as possible against your head. This can be done by involvement of the hair, molding or calling into a low ponytail at the back of the head – – – what you prefer.

Spray hair spray all over and blow dry until the hair is difficult.

Using the track to measure from ear to ear in the lower part of the head and cutting the strip to fit. Apply a thin line of glue directly to the track link.

Spray band with spritz and attach it to your head. Blow dry for 5 seconds or until that range is safe. Repeat this process at the top of his head too.

Continue to cut and join his tracks in circles getting smaller, around its head as above. Continue until you have covered the entire head and a small circle no larger than 1 inch diameter remains at the summit or the crown of your head.

Cutting a band of 1 to 2 inches of the weave. Apply a line of glue to the track and roll it up to the top of the range form a small circle.


Apply the glue to the top of the laminate and place it in the small open circle at the top of his head. Style as desired.

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