How to Make Your 10-Year-Old Self Jealous

Admit it: there are a lot of good things about being an adult, and 10 years of age I knew. You can watch any TV shows that you want to take a drink for adult in the dinner, and explores the world outside of your backyard. The freedom! Although there are things like bills and 9 – to – 5, in the eyes of a child, the adult professional choices outweigh the cons of rules of childhood. Now is the time to indulge and do the things that you wished that you could have done it when he was young. Have sweets before Christmas dinner to last throughout the year, here are 11 ideas to do justice to his childhood fantasies. Let your imagination run wild.

It has a juice before dinner

Remember how his parents were super strict about not to let him eat sweets before your vegetables? Now you make the rules and you can drink some juice before you sit down to a meal. The added bonus of wait a few decades for this luxury? The game is drunk.

Sleep till the time you want

Don ‘t set an alarm on Friday night and stay in bed until noon on Saturday, if you want to. Nobody ‘s gonna open the curtains at 07: 00 (mothers who love them). Feel completely free to luxuriate in your room beautiful, adult furniture included, and keep this IKEA – cut off the nightstand alarm rings free on weekends.

A pizza party on a Wednesday

The best part about not being a child more is not the mountains of homework to do every night. Invite your friends to celebrate by eating a pizza in the middle of the week, without the stress of study or maintain the curfew. Before sending the text of the call, read about these pizza tips for grilling.

Never share in network.

If you have any brothers, you know that your car of 10 years of age would have been forced to share everything – as a walk on a windy network. Now you can make a present for your own back yard and spend the whole afternoon taking turn after turn.

Keep the desserts for you.

One of the best things about the taste of that sweet child taste is good. Really, really good. But as you begged for more: his lunchbox only included a package of pudding per day, if you ‘re lucky. Raise your game and make the dessert pudding pudding ultra chocolate like a big kid. We won ‘t blame you if you finish eating these for you as an adult, you can eat seconds and thirds.

Pig in a bathroom for a shower, luxury

Now that he ‘s out of the house of their fathers, you have your own bathroom, you can take a bath, long and relaxing without someone knocking at the door. If you are dreaming of this escape is necessary, do this transporter of wood first because adults enjoy wine as much as bath time.

Eat all the pop Tarts

As a child, one of the worst feelings go to the pantry and discover that someone ate the last pop tart. His self – 10 years of age would have been so angry. You can now be sure that you get the last – and all the other before – with this recipe for homemade pie.

Stay up late watching movies

It ‘s 9: 30, and you’ re in bed? It is perfectly legal, as long as you do your own time to sleep now. Take advantage of that freedom, once I wanted so much for staying up all night watching your favorite movies. If you have outdoor space, DIY, a movie screen for use throughout the year.

Do donuts for dinner.

Skip the healthy meal for only one night this week, and satisfy their youth by handling cookies for dinner. Do not forget to mix chocolate milk to go with him, and you will really make your self – Boy proud. Heck, if you want to blow bubbles, too.

Let the last all year Christmas

Remember, as a special Christmas was like as a child? Capture all the joy I felt when I wake up with some gifts, making a childhood dream come true: to have Christmas all year round. No, you don’t need to keep a tree decorated to spend the vacation, but you can keep this tapestry of tree on the wall 24 / 7, 365.

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