How to Makeover Your Bedroom in One Weekend

It is easy to think of remodeling on a large scale: you can redirect an entire wall, change your coating or switch their lights to a great revelation. But the changes did not always have to be grand to replace only one thing in a room has real power to make more space around. Think about what can be done in your bedroom, for example. To change a pull of the drawer small for the construction of a bed of king size bed, there are tons of DIY projects, you can try without any demolition or renovation. The best part is that you can deal with most of these mini reforms in just one weekend! Carving out some time out of your schedule, align their tools and try one of these 10 decoration options to make your room feel new.

Option 1: swap out their hardware

Sometimes the smaller projects make the greatest impact. Consider replacing your hardware table dresser or nightstand for a quick update these general drawer painted are super chic, and will add details to a space that you see every day.

Option 2: reuse old accessories

Packed agenda and there is no time to diys? Reserve one afternoon and one of his old silk handkerchiefs to assemble a frame of. Your scarf gets a new life, and its wall looks great.

Option 3: pull in plants

Plants always make everything look better, including a room in need of an upgrade. Don ‘t worry if you don’ t have a green thumb: this piece of Plexiglas requires no maintenance and is beautiful in a cupboard or on a table.

Option 4: hang a gallery.

Placement of art prints or photos of you and your friends instantly brings good vibes in the room. Mix a pair of farmers in their photos to the visual variety. These mini – planters are old lamps, you can find online or in your local thrift store. For good measure, search your garage – you never know what you’ll find treasure DIY.

Option 5: redirect its lighting options

A new light source can make all the difference in make a room feel more fresh. You can reset the lamp with an old lantern in the open air. When you hit the steps of decoration, to think about what I ‘m doing the color palette in the room look even better and paint and choose a shade in this sense.

Option 6: dressing tables.

Here is another idea of illumination for a DIYer tempered: a lamp industrial style. After you finish your breakfast on Sunday morning, solve this project to be a new lamp by the sun. Tip: make a pair, for in case you may want to put one on each side of the bed.

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Option 7: facelift its textiles

The introduction of new foundation, carpets or curtains to a room can feel new. If you do not want to spend a lot of money in new curtains, however, give you have a job of dye. Do not forget to document your DIY through snapchat to show your friends what you are up to.

Option 8: changing the walls.

If you have more freedom and time to its reform, consider the wallpaper to a wall for a big statement. Wallpaper can be intense, but it can be a great reward, when you walk in a room and see a beautiful pattern. Don ‘t worry, tenants and redecorators common: there are tons of options peel and stick that you can go instead.

Option 9: bring a mirror.

The mirrors are a great way to feel a larger room. Do your do the duty twice as a mirror of whole body and storage. The best part about this piece of furniture is you don ‘t need much space of the wall, and you can put it where you want it to the best of instagram selfie lighting.

Option 10: do new furniture

It ‘s time to go big or go home. A large furniture DIY can really transform a room and the bed will do the trick. All you need are two pairs of shutters recovered, tools for working wood, a free weekend and a small grain. When you step back and look at how your room looks with the help of a project, clean your weekends for a long time – you will be busy dreaming with other reforms room easy address.

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